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Dumplings, known as Jiaozi in local Chinese, plays a very important role in Chinese northern diet. The dumplings are made of small dough stuffed with all manner of fillings, including meat, seafood and vegetables. Dumpling is a traditional and popular food in China, especially in North China during holidays and festivals and almost every family member knows how to make them. Generally, people reunite all together with their family members and make the dumplings together on New Years Eve and hide a coin in one of them. Whoever finds the coin will have good fortune for the coming year. Due

to its shape, dumplings symbolize wealth and reflect ancient Chinese gold or silver ingots. Chinese dumplings can be made using almost any filling and can be steamed, fried or boiled. At the Imperial Dumpling Banquet in Xi'an, there are around twenty varieties of dumplings in in terms of shape, fillings, culture meanings and even clover because some of the dough are mixed with vegetable or fruit juice. The dumplings are not only yummy but also look fantastic. The Imperial Dumpling Banquet is way too unique to miss when travelling to Xi'an. The last dish is 'chrysanthemum chafing dish', waiter or

waitress boil the pearl dumpling in front of the guest, then, distribute to every people. When guest taste the pearl dumpling (more or less), they will get blessing related with number. If you are the one who do not have one to eat, don't be disappointed. You will get the blessing that 'worry about nothing and have good health and longevity'. In fact, every sentence can express a good meaning in order to let every people glad and happy during the festivals and push the pleasant atmosphere to a climax.

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Name:Good Place to Have Dumpling Banquet Reply

My guide books recommend that the Dumpling Banquet is a thing that you should not miss when travelling in Xian. Can you find it anywhere in the city or you have to go to some specific places. Any good suggestions for a good place to have the imperial dumpling banquet?

Name:Re: Good Place to Have Dumpling Banquet

The Dumpling (or Jiaozi in Chinese) Banquet is really a enjoyable eating experience you should try in Xian. Usually, the dumpling banquet always comes with a show. Welcome to serch our Xian travel guide page for more information about it.