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The Wuyi Palace, as the key portal of the scenic area located in Jiuqu Stream, is the oldest Taoist temple in Wuyishan Mountain Scenic Area which lies about fifteen kilometers away to the south of Chong'an County. The Wuyi Palace is also known as Meeting Imortals Temple and was one of the Six Famous Taoist Temple in Song Dynasty. First built in 944 AD in Tand Dynasty, the Wuyi Palace had been through several demolishment and reenforment since then and the complex was once enlarged into over 300 rooms in Song Dynasty.

Although Wuyi Temple was reconstructed by many emperors who believed in Taoism devoutly, most buildings of the palace didn't survive through the long history of wars and natural disasters. Now the only survived ruins are two Dragon Wells, Wannian Palace (Ten Thousand Years Palace) and Taoist Trinity Hall and two very aged cassia trees. The Wannian Palace now is Zhuxi Memorial. Wuyi Palace had been long the site where the emperors consecrated the Lord Wuyi. Every year, scrificial events were held in honor of Lord Wuyi and the Venerable Royal Lady.

The two cassia trees left are over 800 years old which were planted in Song Dynasty. The buildings we can see now were constructed in the late Qing Dynasty. Nowadays, people are trying to recover the old and magnificent appearance of the Wuyi Palace as it used to be under the proposal of from tourism and culture departments. Some guide informations when travel to Wuyi Palace
Location: Southern side of Wuyi Mountain in Fujian Province         Ticket: RMB62/Person         Opening hours: 08:00-18:00         Contact number: +86 10 85968802

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