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The Wuyishan Mountain area lies on the border of Wuyishan, Jianyang and Guangzhe Counties. It streches fifty-two kilometers long from south to north and twenty-two kilometers wide from east to west with the total area covering 570 square kilometers. Within the area 377 mountains are over 1,000 meters above sea level, 112 mountains 1,500 meters above sea level and seven of them over 2,000 meters. Huanggang Mountain, renowned as 'the Ridge of East China', isthe highest peak of Wuyishan Mountains, of which the summit is 2,158 meters. Wuyishan Mountain was listed as both natural and cultural World Heritage Sites by UNESCO in 1999.

The Wuyi Mountain area is called the 'number one scenic wonder in Southeast China' and located fifteen kilometers south of Chong'an County in Fujian. The Wuyi Mountain is isolated from the outside world by streams and ravines. A legend says that in prehistoric time, there was an eight hundred-year-old man named Peng Zu who came to live in Chong'an, where the people suffered from terrible floods. Peng Zu had two sons, Wu and Yi, who offered to dredge the waterways and finally conquered the floods. To commemorate the Peng brothers, the mountain was named Wuyi Mountain, and a palace was built in their memory.

The river they dredged now called the Nine-Bend River (Jiuquxi) winds for several miles in the mountain. Today, tourists can travel down the river on bamboo raft excursions. The Wuyi Mountain area is the most biodiversity conservation zone of Southeast China and productive with numerous teas among which the most famous is Da Hong Pao. The Wuyi Mountain is a great travel destination. Some guide information of Wuyishan Mountain.          Location: 15 kilometers south of Chong'an County in Fujian

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