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Gulangyu Island, unique in mainland as the only traffic free island, is located southwest of Xiamen.Gulang literally means drum waves in Chinese, hence the name because of the sound of ocean waves hitting the reefs. It is well-known for its diversel architecture, relics and delicate scenic beauty. The island is also known as 'Piano Island' or 'The Island of Music' for holding the only piano museum in China. The island is only merely one square kilometers in area and have a population of approximate 20,000 people. The settlers on Gulangyu Island only use electric

powered vehicles except on foot to protect the environment. Visitors can reach it by ferry from the city in merely five minutes. Driving on the Island Ring Road will provide the best views of the island and lead you to many scenic locations. Two of the most intriguing are Shuzhaung Garden and Sunlight Rock. Diverse style of architecture spread all over the island, of which about 70% were built between 1920's to 1930's. Both foreigners and Chinese invested in real estates on the island; some local celebrities and rich men often employed foreign designers to design the architecture so that the complete buildings are generally grand in scale, magnificent in decoration, exquisite in works, well-done in making.

Before Anti-Japanese War, Gulangyu's houses strew orderly with alien style. During the anti-war and China's War of Liberation, some houses were destroyed to various degrees. Gulangyu Island is listed as a National Scenic Spots. Some guide info for Gulangyu Island.
Location: Southwest to Xiamen Island, Xiamen City, Fujian         Contact number: +86 592 2060777         Tickets: CNY 95 (including Sunlight Rock & Shuzhuang Garden); CNY 50 (Electric bus)         Opening Hours: 06:00 -17:50

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Is Gulangyu Island worth visiting? How can I get there from mainland?

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It is a must see when visiting Xiamen. It would be good to spend the whole day there so you can have sufficient time walking around the island. There are 2 types of ferry that bring tourist across from the main island to Gulangyu.