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Xiamen Travel Guide

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Xiamen, located in the southeast of Fujian Province and facing the Taiwan Straits, is a beautiful and clean coastal city that has attracted many foreign visitors to come and travel there. Spring-like weather in four seasons is another feature attractive to tourists visiting this"seaside garden". With beautiful sceneries and congenial climate, Xiamen can be considered as one of the cities with best environment all over the country. Its pollution-less air and clean environment is also deemed as a virtue and model for the whole country and the city ranks as one of the China's cleanest cities.

Xiamen, as one of the first opened port to do the import and export business in China, is well-known by its name "Amoy" by the westerns. It is regarded as the "Gateway to China" and established economic and trade relations with 162 countries and regions worldwide. With the foreign investment, Xiamen has becoming a modern city with the electronic, textile and tourist industries. The present 9.8 China investment and trade conference every year has become one of the largest international economic and trade gatherings all over the country. Xiamen is working toward the goal of becoming a famous city for international conferences and exhibitions.

Xiamen enjoys convenient transportation for visitors from home and aboard. Meanwhile Xiamen has plenty of special local products to be added to your shopping list, including various kinds of tealeaves, fruits like sugarcanes, olives and longans as well as sea products such as fish, prawns, crabs, abalones and lancelets. To promote its travel industry, it has established not only the corresponding infrastructures, but also a great variety of entertainment centers. Welcome to check out our detailed guide to more travel information about Xiamen below. Feel free to contact us if you plan to travel to Xiamen. We will provide the professional advice, individual itinerary and excellent travel service.

Xiamen Attractions Guide

- Must See

  • QuanzhouQuanzhou is a coastal city just North of Xiamen in Fujian Province China. Quanzhou has an airport with flights to various mainland cities. Nearby Xiamen has a more important airport with good domestic connections, including flight ... ...
  • the South Putuo TempleThe South Putuo Temple, Nanputuo Temple built in Tand Dynasty (618-907), is situated in the southeast of Xiamen City adjacent to Xiamen University and Lujiang River. Through constructions in several following dynasties, the curren ... ...
  • GulangyuGulangyu Island, unique in mainland as the only traffic free island, is located southwest of Xiamen.Gulang literally means drum waves in Chinese, hence the name because of the sound of ocean waves hitting the reefs. It is well-kno ... ...
  • Wuyi PalaceThe Wuyi Palace, as the key portal of the scenic area located in Jiuqu Stream, is the oldest Taoist temple in Wuyishan Mountain Scenic Area which lies about fifteen kilometers away to the south of Chong'an County. The Wuyi Palace ... ...
  • Wuyi MountainThe Wuyishan Mountain area lies on the border of Wuyishan, Jianyang and Guangzhe Counties. It streches fifty-two kilometers long from south to north and twenty-two kilometers wide from east to west with the total area covering 570 ... ...
  • Hukka Tulou Hakka Tulou, also known as Fujian Tulou, is a unique and mysterious Chinese rural architecture with a thick earth wall enclosure found only in the mountainous areas in southwestern Fujian province bordering Guangdong in South Chin ... ...
  • Xiamen Piano MuseumChina’s only museum dedicated to pianos is located in Shuzhuang Garden’s Tide-Viewing Tower on Gulangyu Island, also called “piano island” because of the long popularity of the instrument among local people ... ...

Xiamen Travel Tips

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Name:Travel Xiamen on early December Reply

We will travel Xiamen on early December. But i am wondering if there are any other places except the tourist sites that i can explore if i cant sleep at night, since im quite a night person. Any ideas?

Name:Re:Travel Xiamen on early December

You can book Gulangyu Resort in advance, so that you can wander around there at night. It is very comfortable. And Huandao Road in Xiamen is also a good place to travel, as there are beautiful sand beach for you to take relax. Besides, you can find many delicious snacks on Zhongshan Road.

Name:Xiamen Tour Reply

I will go to Xiamem. Do you any recommendation of the attractions to me ?

Name:Re:Xiamen Tour

Thanks for your asking. I believe Gulangyu is a great choice. There, you can enjoy the touch of the wind, bathe in the sun and listen to the sea tide. All these will help you forgot all sorrows and miseries. If you want to refresh yourself , you can go there.