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Wuhan, located at the confluence of the Yangtze River and Hanshui River, is the capital city of Hubei Province. The rivers divide the city into three sections: Hankou, Hanyang and Wuchang. As a city located in the sub-tropical zone, it has abundant rainfall and four distinct seasons. Deemed as the "Riverside City" and "Water City", spring and autumn is the best time to travel there. Not many people go out of their way to get to Wuhan, but a lot of people pass through the place since it is the terminus of the Yangtze Cruise from Chongqing. Wuhan, regarded as the major center of industry, finance, commerce, science and technology and education in China, is one of the famous cultural and historical cities in China.

During the Qing Dynasty Hankou district became one of the four most well-known towns in China and has been the center of trade in central China for centuries. Nowadays, Many of the Yangtze River Cruise starts in or finishes in the city, which makes the city to be one of the popular cities to travel in China. Wuhan is a major junction of traffic and communication in Inner China. And now, one international civil airports, two international harbors, several national railways and highways allow Wuhan a greater capacity of transportation for travelers.

Wuhan is rich in culture and history. Wuhan's civilization began about 3,500 years ago, It enjoys a great importance in Chinese culture, the military, economy and politics. Famous scenic spots include European-style buildings remained along the Yanjiang Dadao, the 1,700 years old Yellow Crane Tower, one of the three famous towers in South China, the TV Towers on Tortois Hill are known as the highest mast of Asia… Read more guide to Wuhan attractions below. Welcome to check out our other pages for more travel information about Wuhan. We would like to help you with your Wuhan travel plan, by providing professional advice, useful itinerary and excellent travel service.

Wuhan Attractions Guide

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  • Yellow Crane TowerYellow Crane Tower is a famous travel site. It is a historic tower stands on Sheshan (Snake Hill), at the bank of Yangtze River in the Wuchang District, of the city of Wuhan, in the Hubei province of central China. Tourists can ob ... ...
  • Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge Is not only a bridge, but also a famous travel site. It is the first highway-railway bridge over the Yangtze River,started in 1955,and the grand bridge project takes about two years. On the mighty Yangtz ... ...
  • Hubei Provincial MuseumHubei Provincial Museum, near East Lake, is a National AAAA Level Tourist Attraction and contains more cultural relics than any other museum in Hubei Province. It is located in the Wuchang District of Wuhan, Hubei Province, is the ... ...
  • Mulan LakeLocated in the Mulan Town, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, Mulan Lake is next to the famous mountain-Mulan Mountain, which is 60 kilometers away from the central part of Wuhan City. It is a provincial tourist resort for sightseeing, l ... ...
  • The Yangtze RiverYangtze River, the biggest river in China, the third longest in the World (next only to the Amazon and the Nile), starts with the Tuotuo River at the Roof of the World-Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, takes in countless rivers, and flows ea ... ...

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