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Weihai, a well-known port and tourist city in China, is one of the coastal open cities and the first National Environmental City in China as well as one of the first National Model Cities for Environmental Protection. Weihai covers an area of 5,436 square kilometers with a population of 2.47 million. Listed as one of the 50 economically strong cities in China, Weihai has witnessed a quick development in the past few years in terms of its economy and social undertaking. It is a wonderful summer resort for travellers with its beautiful natural and cultural scenery.

With the four seasons distinctively different, Weihai enjoys an agreeable climate which welcomes visitors to travel all year round. Backed by the mountain and facing the sea, the urban area is endowed with the charming surroundings. The environmental quality indexes such as atmosphere, water and noise have reached or surpassed the national standards, which makes Weihai an ideal place for travel, summer resort and recuperation. Weihai has the excellent transportation system as well. Chinese first modern navy was founded in Liugong Island.

Weihai abounds in the travel resources comprised of the islands, coastal area, garden city, historic sites and folk custom. It is a good place for foreigner’s residence as well. For facilitating foreign people’s life and supplying the better life and study environment for foreign people, local government tries their best to offer service. Welcome to view other columns for extensive guide to attraction information and travel services offer related to Weihai or other famous cities in China. Feel free to contact us if you plan to travel to Weihai. We will provide the professional advice, individual itinerary and excellent travel service.

Weihai Attractions Guide

- Must See

  • Jiawu sea warfare museumJiawu Sea Warfare Museum is an important travel site. It is located in Liugong Island and is a large memorial hall that reflects on the solemn and tragic history of China. The museum first began operating in 1985. Comprising 9 dis ... ...
  • Liugong IslandlandLiugong Islandland is a small island located on the northeastern edge of Shandong Peninsula, China at the mouth of Weihai Bay. It is known as the "birthplace of China's first navy".Liugong Island is well known for its splendid nat ... ...
  • Weihai International Beach Resort Weihai International Beach Resort is a natural beach with distinguishable four seasons in Weihai Tour. Weihai International Beach Resort is of typical maritime climate with summers being not too hot and winters not so cold. This b ... ...

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Name:Travel to Weihai Reply

We will be traveling from Hong Kong to Shanghai, Qingdao and Weihai. what is the most time saving travel route please? Do you provide such travel service for us?

Name:Re: Travel to Weihai

The best travel route for you is travelling to Shanghai first by flight and then travel to Qingdao by flight also.Then travel to weihai, it costs about 3 and half hours drive from Qingdao to Weihai. We are a realiable travel agency in China, there’s no problem to offer you travel services according to your request.