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Urumqi Travel Guide

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Urumqi, located on the northern slope of Tianshan Mountains, is the capital city of Xinjiang Autonomous Region and deemed as the most inland city and the city furthest from the ocean. In ancient Mongolian, Urumqi means "A Beautiful Pasture Land" and indeed, it is a beautiful land of the lush pastures, mountains, rivers, lakes and minorities. With an average elevation of 800 meters, Urumqi enjoys a continental climate with the exceptionally bad weather in winter and warm days and cool evening in summer. Here we should indicate that there is a two-hour time difference between Urumqi and Beijing. You’d better not start your travel plan before 8am in the morning since it is still dark at that time.

Due to the special location as the northern route of the Silk Road, Urumqi is the center of politics, economy and culture of the province and regarded as a strategic city in the history. It only has few historical sites in the city and the city's population diversity is different from the other counterparts in China. Although it occupies one sixth of the surface of China, there are only 16 million people living here. There are 43 ethnic groups in the city and the minority population accounts for 27.3% of the total population in the city. Its cultural diversity and breathtaking view attracts visitors to travel there.

The sights in the city itself are not spectacular. But around Urumqi, visitors can find abundant travel sights for daytrips. The main Urumqi attractions include: the Big Bazaar, a traditional Islamic market and gets particularly lively during summer nights; Heavenly Lake, a natural paradise with breath taking scenery, will provide travelers with an experience that makes the 4-hour drive from Urumqi through the seemingly endless desert worthwhile. Other sights worth checking out in Urumqi are the Xinjiang Silk Road Museum and the fun Red Mountain Park, Tianshan Mountain. Think of Lugu Lake with yurts and nomads.

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  • Xinjiang MuseumThe Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Museum, located in Xibei Road downtown Urumqi, is the collection and research center of culture relics in Xinjiang. The Xinjiang Museum is a provincial comprehensive historical museum in China, ... ...
  • Heavenly LakeThe Heavenly Lake, known as Tian Chi in Chinese, is located on the northern side of Bogda Peak in Tianshan Mountains, over 40 kilometers southeast to the city of Fukang, 110 kilometers away from Urumqi. Until 1783 it got the prese ... ...
  • Tianshan MountainThe Tianshan Mountains is a large mountain range in the eastern region of Central Asia, which is mainly in Xinjiang, China. The Tianshan Mountains runs through the middle of Xinjiang in China and its end stretches into the western ... ...
  • The Erdaoqiao Bazaar of UrumqiErdaoqiao Bazaar, together with Shanxi Alley area in Urumqi has been the trading center for the people from southern and northern minority area, as well as West Asia and Central Asia, from the late Qing Dynasty. Going throuhg more ... ...
  • The Southern PastureThe Southern Pasture is located in the Nanshan Natural Scenic Area which is a few hours bus ride from Urumqi. The Southern Pasture is more than 60 kilometers away from the Urumqi and consisis of ten east-west valley of all size. T ... ...

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Name:Urumqi Travel Reply

I want to learn something about the authentic Uygur culture, many guide books show me Urumqi is where I am after. Is it true?

Name:Re: Urumqi Travel

Yes, Xinjiang is the biggest Uygur autonomous region in China. And Urumqi is the capital of Xinjiang, So Travel to Urumqi is a good way to explore the Uygur culture.