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Tianjin Ancient Cultural Street  is located in the Nankai District of the Tianjin Municipality and was formally opened in 1986 with 600 years history, standing in the area of key section in upstream of the Haihe River .The street begins at Gongbei Avenue in the north, and ends at Gongnan Avenue in the south, being 0.36 miles long and 16 feet wide. Although essentially a business street, Tianjin Ancient Cultural Street attracts tourists who come to see its special architectural styles, admire its classic cultural features, buy various folk crafts, and sample the delicious local Tianjin snacks. The tour guide will be give you a long history about this street.

Standing at the center of Tianjin Ancient Cultural Street, There is a famous palace which is Tianhou Palace, it was built 1326,is one of only three Mazu Temples in the world (the other two are Fujian Mazu Temple and Beigang Chaotian Temple on Taiwan Island). Tianhou Palace is now the Folk-custom Museum of Tianjin and displays many folk crafts and cultural relics of ancient times. Looking closely, visitors will note that buildings along the street are all built with 'blue bricks', and that the doors and windows have colorful paintings drawn upon them. These paintings range from stories of legendary and historical figures to flowers and birds. Some retell stories contained in Chinese classical novels, such as The Dream of a Red Mansion (one the four Chinese classical novels) and Song of Eternal Sorrow, which is a story about the Empress Yang Kwei Fei in the Tang Dynasty (618-907).

One of northern China's most significant financial centers, Tianjin is home to Nankai University and Tianjin University, so the city has an influential population of intellectuals and academics. Partially because of that, travelers here can see and experience an array of historical and cultural attractions including museums, temples and churches, street markets, the renowned Beijing Opera (despite its name, it's based here), and several notable monuments, including the iconic Tianjin Broadcasting TV Tower, the world's fourth-tallest building and Asia's second-tallest building.

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Is this Tianjin Ancient Cultural Street in the city center? Is it a good place to feel the Tianjin Culture?

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Hello. Yes, Tianjin Ancient Cultural Street is in the city center. It’s the best place to enjoy and feel the local original Tianjin Culture.