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Yangpachen is a small town more than 90 kilometers northwest from the city of Lhasa. Yangpachen is not so hot as other travel destinations in Tibet, but famous for it treasure, all manner of hot springs. In the past Yangpachen was only a vast area of lush pastures while torrents of hot water emerging from the ground nonstop days and nights. Since 1974, the central government decided to lay great force to develop Yangpachen as a key scientific and technological projects and has allocated over 200 million yuan of funds. After hard work of collaboration between Tibetan and Chinese engineers and technicians, the rich geothermal resources began to be developed and utilized.

In 1975, the third geological team completed the first wet steam well with rock core drill in Yangpachen. The next year, the first megawatt geothermal power generating units in the mainland China started to produce electricity in Yangpachen, which created a precedent of mesotherm shallow thermal energy storage resources power generation. Located deep in Yangpachen, the Yangpachen geothermal power plant is the largest geothermal test base in China and also the only shallow-temperature thermal energy storage and utilization of resources for industrial power generation plant in the world.

In the Yangpachen basin, 4300 meters above sea level, a brand new geothermal city has been created and is holding a comprehensive development and utilization of geothermal energy. In the recent ten year, the Yangpachen has become a base of livestock products, borax processing industry and other enterprises and provided 1.2 billion kilowatts hours of electricity in Tibet. Travel to Yangpachen, the most important thing is to experience the hot spring bath at high altitudes, but it’s no good to take a long bath due to the thin oxygen. Some guide information of Yangpachen
 Location: 90km northwest to Lhasa            Contact number: +86 10 85968802

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Name:Yangpachen Hot Spring Reply

We want to enjoy Yangpachen Hot Spring while we’re in Lhasa, but we only have one day free. Is it possible to go Yangpachen and come back?

Name:Re: Yangpachen Hot Spring

You will have enough time to go Yangpachen and come back in Lhasa. It’s only 90 km from Yangpachen to Lhasa. There’re buses between Yangpachen Hot Springs and Lhasa.