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The Jokhang Temple, the most sacred and intensely spiritual holy temple in Tibet for most Tibetans, is located on Barkhor Square in Lhasa. The Jokhang Temple, also known as Jokhang Monastery was built in 647 during Tang Dynasty by craftsmen from Tibet, China and Nepal during the reign of King Soongtsen Gampo. The Jokhang Temple was first dedicated to the Sakyamuni statue brought by Nepalese Princess Bhrikuti (or Bhrituti, Tritsun), the sister of the Nepalese king who then married Soongtsen Gampo, which was then moved to Ramoche monastery. The Jokhang temple is the most

sacred spiritual center of Tibet and a holy destination for pilgrims to travel from all over the world and from different sects of Tibetan Buddhism, although the Jokhang Temple is presently controlled by the Yellow Hat Sect. Jokhang Temple is not only the most brilliant extant building of the Tubo period but also the oldest civil engineering structures, which becomes classic example of Tibetan religious architecture blending of Tibetan, Tang, Nepalese, Indian architectural style. Tibeten people always say, 'No Jokhang Temple, No Lhasa'. The Jokhang Temple consists of over 20 halls with the construction area covering

more than 25100 square meters. The main hall of the Jokhang Temple is a four-storey timber complet with a golden top and houses the most sacred item in the temple now, which is the gold statue of a seated 12 years old Sakyamuni brought by Princess Wencheng when she married into Tibet in 641 A.D. On the second floor statues of King Songtsem Gampo, Princess Wen Cheng and Princess Bhrikuti are worshiped as accessaries. Jokhang Tempke is truly the most sacred destination to travel and experience the power of faith. Some guide information of the Jokhang Temple.
Location: Barkhor Square in downtown Lhasa, Tibet          Opening hours: 09:00 to 18:00          Contact number: +86 10 85968802           Tickets: CNY 75

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Name:Things to know in Jokhang Monastery Reply

What should I know about visiting Jokhang Monastery if I’m going there alone? Is there any taboo?

Name:Re: Things to know in Jokhang Monastery

Jokhang Monastery has very uploft status during Tibetan people. It’s not allowed to speak loud or take photoes indoors in Jokhang Monastery, but you could view fantastic view on the roof. Also, Jokhang Monastery is only open to Tibetan Buddhists in the morning.