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Barkhor Street is a circular street located around the Jokhang Temple in the center of the ancient city of Lhasa, the oldest street in the city. The Barkhor Street is the central place in Tibet for culture, religion, economy, ethnical handicrafts, as well as the local Tibetan social customs. The Barkhor Street is a hexagonal ring street, which is like a huge clock with the Jokhang Temple as the bell-axis. According to the Tibetan Buddhists, the Barkor was the most popular devotional circumabulation for pilgrims and locals. A walk circling the Jokhang Temple can show your respect to the Sakyamuni in the temple.

Therefore, the Barkhor Street becomes the principal routine of circumabulation of Tibetan Buddhists. Tibetans also come to the Barkhor Street often to pray, as well asmMany pilgrims enter the area walking or crawling by body-lengths along the Barkhor Street clockwise. The Barkhor Street is one of the most prosperous commercial street in Lhasa and it's as old as the Jokhang Temple. The Barkhor Street is about one kilometers, with a total population of over 2000 households, about 6000 people. Along the street, shopes, stores and street vendors are selling all manner of goods, articrafts, food and clothes.

The traders who gather together in the Barkhor Street are mainly Tibetan people, but some of them are Han and Hui ethnics. In the past, there were also Nepalese and other foreign enterprises opened branches in the Barkhor Street. The Barkhor Street has a bazaar like atmosphere which attracts travelors from all over the world. The Barkhor Street sometimes is labyrinthine at night, so don't wonder around there too late although its really beautiful at night. Some guide information of the Barkhor Street.
Location: in the old city area, downtown Lhasa                 Tickets: Free

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Name:Bookstore in Barkhor Street Reply

Is there any bookstore in Barkhor Street? Do I need to know something necessary walking in Barkhor Street?

Name:Re: Bookstore in Barkhor Street

There is a bookstore in Barkhor Street selling books in multi-languages. Barkhor Street is the circumanbulation of Jokhang Monastery, usually disciples walk clockwise along Barkhor Street.