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Lhasa Carpet Factory Guide

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Lhasa Carpet Factory is situated at Hebalin to the east of the old city of Lhasa. It is one of the remarkable enterprises in Tibet Autonomous Region, mainly producing traditional Tibetan carpets.In the factory, hundreds of experienced weavers using old-styled vertical looms weave carpets. All the carpets here are hand-made in different sizes, styles, and patterns. Some are elegant, and some are colorful; they can be used as floor covering or hung on the wall as a beautiful picture. Every item is unique. The factory has developed into the biggest and the best in Tibet Autonomous Region.

Tibetan carpet, Persian carpet and oriental artistic carpet are reputed to be the best three kinds of carpets in the world. Tibetan carpet is a symbol of the traditional Tibetan arts and crafts. With over 900 years' history, a distinctive production procedure for the handmade Tibetan carpets has been formed, including spinning, dyeing, weaving and trimming and so on. Nowadays, Tibetan carpets are always a hot seller both home and abroad. A Tibetan carpet is an ideal purchase as a wonderful reminder of a trip to Tibet. What make the carpets so popular? That is the quality raw material, natural dyestuff, various designs and special weaving methods which together show the unique and charming Tibetan flavor.
Location: Lhasa; Opening Hours:08:30a-17:30; Contact number: + 86-10-58968802

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