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Wanxian County Guide

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Wanxian is one of travel destinations for most Yangtze River cruise, and it has attracted numerous travelers from home and abroad to appreciate its beauty and unique. Wanxian County, now changed into Wanzhou District, is located in the northern part of Chengdu and on the upper reaches of the Three Gorges. It has over 2,000 years of history and was an important city along the Yangtze River. The city spreads out on both sides of the river and is known as the "Gateway to East Sichuan". The port in Wanxian County is one of the ten largest ports along the Yangtze River and the second largest one in Chongqing.

"Wan" means Ten thousand in Chinese. The city is named Wanxian because tens of thousands of merchants and travellers had ever gathered here to conduct business in the distance past. The city received its name during the Ming dynasty (1368--l644), and became a foreign treaty port in l902. Wanxian is an important textile city and is renowned for its silk production and the largest Silk Museum in Southwest China. Meanwhile, the city has other products such as peaches, oranges, bamboo, lumber and others. When you are travelling here, you may visit silk-weaving factories and enjoy the exiting acrobatic show and take a leisurely travel to the busy local market.

Of the three major regions affected by the proposed Three Gorges Dam, Yichang, Wanxian and Chongqing, Wanxian will lose the most. Due to the construction of the Three Gorges Dam, 47% of Wanxian's old urban area will be underwater by the time the reservoir is filled. Two thirds of the total of 1.2 million people to be relocated live in the Wanxian prefecture. Buildings in the submerged area have been torn down and new ones rebuilt on higher ground. Over 900 factories are located below the new waterline, and many have already been replaced on higher ground. With rich historical relics and great natural resources, Wanxian is made a great travel destination for holidaymakers. The amazing spots found around the area, will make your exploration a great achievement.

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