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Wu Gorge, the second one among the Three Gorges, is an area whose pristine beauty has praised by travellers for centuries. Many Chinese famous poets had written poems to show their admiration and marveling. Wu Gorge is 44 kilometer long, starting from the mouth of the Daning River in Wushan County of Chongqing in the west and ending in Guandukou of Badong County, Hubei Province in the east. Wu Gorge, the most beautiful section of the Yangtze River, is gifted with exquisite peaks and lush mountains and ranges. It is famous for its depth, serenity and winding, which consists of Golden Helmet and Silver Armor Gorge(Jinkui Yinjia Xia) and Iron Coffin Gorge.

Flanked by high peaks that are often capped by fog or clouds, Wu Gorge was long known to be as dangerous as it is beautiful. As the river cuts its way through two majestic mountains, which provide a stunning green backdrop for the flowing water, its roaring currents change their directions constantly. There are always some clusters of clouds floating over the water, which make the attraction more mysterious and just like heaven, since the sunshine cannot reach the water level due to the extreme depth. In this gorge the zigzagging course of the river is sometimes obstructed by rocks, but the everchanging scenery is delightful.

The famous natural sceneries and travel attractions include: Twelve Peaks, Luyou Ancient Cave, Dayu Teaching Platform, the Relics of Goddess Temple, Kongming Stele, and Dadong, etc. Among these, the Tweleve Peaks - twelve lofty peaks gleam above the floating mist which almost continuously hovers over the river are the best travel spot in Wu Gorge. Goddess Peak is the highest of the twelve peaks which is topped by a large rock that resembles a sculpture of a girl looking down upon the boats in the river. The rock is about ten meters high and six meters in girth, and stands atop a 1,020 meter on the north side of the Yangtze. When the sun shines on the Twelve Peaks of Wu Gorge, the view is breathtaking.

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