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Shennong Stream, between Wu Gorge and Xiling Gorge, is one of the most famous travel spots along the Yangtze River. It begins in the southern area of Shennongjia Natural Reserve and joins the Yangtze at Xirangkou in Hubei. Shennong Stream has the absolute clear waters as well as Three Color Spring, which are transparent enough without any pollution and the fish and stones in the river can be seen with your own eyes. Its natural beauty and local color have attracted the interest of overseas travellers. The Stream consists of three sections with their own features: Mianzhu Gorge, Parrot Gorge, Longchang Cave Gorge.

Mianzhu Gorge, famous for its steepness, has steep cliffs and zigzagging narrow riverbeds. While the Yingwu Gorge is noted for its natural beauty. The Shennong Stream provides unique Scenery for those who travel there. On the way to Shennong Stream by water, you will be intoxicated by its charming mountains and greens on both sides. The scenery of two riverbanks are amazing and magnificent, which are only seven meters wide in the narrowest part. And the hardworking and hospitable local people are good at singing and dancing. While appreciating the natural beauty and historic sights along the two banks, you can also hear the songs from the rowers as they row the boat.

With crystal clear steam flows swiftly from north to south through deep gorges, a travel to Shennong Stream in small open sampans will allow you to experience a speedy adventure along this newly opened unspoiled river. Contact us if you want to travel to Shennong Stream. We will provide the professional advice, customized itinerary and excellent travel service. Or you can consult directly through the guide information below:
Address: Shennong Stream Scenic Area, Badong County, Hubei Province, China
Admission Fee: RMB130
Contact Telephone: 86 0718 4334848

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Why were the boat trackers in Shennong Stream naked?

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Shennong Stream is not only famous for it’s natural beauty but also the naked boat trackers in the past. Most of the trackers were poor in Shennong Stream, and it was very hot during warm weather. Their clothes get wored often because of the attrition of cordelle on their shoulder.