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The Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Museum, located in Xibei Road downtown Urumqi, is the collection and research center of culture relics in Xinjiang. The Xinjiang Museum is a provincial comprehensive historical museum in China, which was established in the spring of 1953 and opened in October 1963. The Design of the layouts of Xijiang Uygur Autonomous Region Museum is a fusion style of traditional Uygure architectural featuring mordern architecture. The whole complex of Xinjiang Museum occupies an area of 11000 square meters with the exhibition hall covering 7800 square meters. The central dome is thirty meters high and from its height you can get a panorama of the entire city of Urumchi.

The Xinjiang Autonomous Region Museum holds more then 50,000 items of cultural relics in terms of history, culture, ethnics, revolutionary history and so forth. As a famous region along the ancient Silk Road, the Xinjiang Autonomous Region Museum is rich in all manner of silk products and handicrafts from different period of history. The Xinjiang Autonomous Region Museum is also famous for its collection of archaeological materials as the region has long been a gregarious area of different races. The diverse script and culture are displayed in the Xinjiang Museum through documents and items regarding of culture, military, economy and politics.

The most famous item in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Museum are those well-preserved mummies which were formed under natural conditions without chemical treat, including the 3800 years old Loulan Beauty and others. The Xinjiang Museum is one of the best museums in Xinjiang and is a very educational travel destination for all tourists. Some guide information of the Xingjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Museum
Location: No.132, Xibei Road, Urumchi, xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region         Contact number: 86 991 4510413, 4531757         Tickets: CNY15         Opening hours: every Tuesday to Sunday 10:00-18:00 (Apr.15-Oct.15 ) & 10:30-18:00 Oct.16-Apr.14)

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