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Maijishan, located on the northern side of the Qinling Mountain Range and at a height of 1742m above sea level, gets it's name from its giant, haystack-like shape. It is a famous travel site along the Silk Road. The mountain's fame arises not just from its appearance, but from the many Buddhist caves that are gouged into its southwestern face. It is the fourth largest area of concentrated Buddhist grottoes in China, which located on the northern side of the Qinling Mountain Range and about 45 km from Tianshui City. (The other three grottoes are Dunhuang, Datong and

Luoyang). The area around is one of the most famous travel attractions in Gansu. The Buddhist Grottoes in Maijishan can be dated from the Northern Wei dynasty (386-534). The most outstanding sculpture in this area is the 16m Buddha carved high up on the mountain. The grottoes are divided into two sections, the western and eastern. However, the western section was destroyed seriously by an earthquake happened in eighth century, while the eastern section was protected well. Although it is steep, the winding walkways and spiral stairs help visitors to ascend the mountain and visit grottoes. The Grottoes are not the end of a

comprehensive travel here. 15m above the giant clay Buddha, on the eastern slope, is the Seven Buddha Pavilion (Qifo ge), a typical Han Dynasty (206 BC-220 AD) construction of interesting architectural value. Recent years have also witnessed the opening of a few of the dilapidated temples around the mountain making the area good for hiking. Here's some guide information in your travel of Tianshui Maijishan: Address: 45km southeast of Tianshui City, Gansu Province. Contact number: 0086-938-8272659   Admission Fee: CNY22 for main entrance    CNY50 for Grottoes   Opening Hours: 08:00-18:00

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What are the most gorgeous cave in Maijishan Grottos?

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All the caves in Maijishan Grottos are gorgeous. There are totally 194 caves in Maijishan. But if your time is limited, the best caves in Maijishan Grottos are No. 135, 142, 37, 44, 123, 165, 5, and 4. Those are typical caves of different times in history.