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The Tianshan Mountains is a large mountain range in the eastern region of Central Asia, which is mainly in Xinjiang, China. The Tianshan Mountains runs through the middle of Xinjiang in China and its end stretches into the western part of Kazakhstan. The Tianshan Mountains ranges almost 2500 kilometers long and 250 to 300 meters wide, with an average elevation of 5000 meters almost. Among the Tianshan Mountains, also known as celestial mountains, the highest peak is Tomur Peak which is 7435.3 meters, with others being Khan Tengri elevation of 6995 meters and Bogda peak 5445 meters

above sea level. These peaks in the Tianshan Mountains range all located in China, with snow coveing the peaks all year around. The Tianshan Mountains is also the cradle of the three major rivers in Xinjiang, which are Syr Darya, Chuhe River and Ili River. Kansai Nature Reserve is one of the most famous scenic sports to see located nearby the Tianshan Mountains range. This reserve features a unique ecosystem of rivers, glaciers, grasslands, lakes and forests and the Kansai Lake, found in the reserve, is one of the most beautiful spots to visit. There are six different bays located along the lake,

and they all have a unique history. The lake originated from the Kansai Glacier and changes color depending on the time of year. The Tianshan Mountains is also the cradle of lots of mysteries and legends. According to the Taoism the Goddess of the West is believed to guard the peach trees of immortality in the Tianshan Mountains. In Chinese Wuxia novels Tianshan Mountains, is home to a fictional martial arts sect known as the Mount Heaven Sect. Tianshan Mountains is a major travel destination in China. Some guide information of the Tianshan Mountains.
 Location: Tianshan Mountains, Urumqi, Xinjiang         Tickets: CNY100         Opening hours: 08:00-17:00

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Name:Tianshan Mountain Reply

My team is trying to have a camp trip to Xinjiang. Would Tianshan Mountain be a good idea? If so, I’m looking for help to arrange it.

Name:Re: Tianshan Mountain

Tianshan Mountain is a very famous resort in Xinjiang. It’s only a subrange of Tianshan Mountains. If time permits, Tianshan Mountain would be a great idea.