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The Grape Valley is located northeast of Turpan. It is a must-go travel site in Xinjiang. The valley is a forest of grape vines that veer off a cliff to the west. The slopes of the valley are also home to several cottages and adobe houses. Grapes are very important to Turpan, one of the city's famous products. All over China one can buy Turpan grapes and raisins. The city began planting grapes ever since the Han Dynasty. At the Grape Valley, there are also singing and dancing performances daily by the Wei minority group. The best time to travel is in the morning and stay through lunch to buy the local food.

Located in the Flaming Mountain 13 km (8 miles) of Turpan, the Grape Valley runs 8km (5miles) from north to south at a width of 0.5km (03.miles). This green paradise of 400 hektares (988 acres) is covered with layer upon layer of grapes. It seems that all the water in the desert of Turpan flows into the Karez systems in the Grape Valley. Every single grape is crystal and watery-some are as green as emerald; some as red as agate, some as small as pearls while others are like olives. Among dozens of kinds of grapes, Wuhebai (white seedless) grape is reputed as a green pearl with the sugar content as

much as 22%. Escaping from the fiery Flaming Mountain, you may take a seat under the vintage frames, savor various grapes, enjoy the beautiful Uigar girls in their ornate costumes, and be fully intoxicated by this refreshing palace of grapes. When you come here in person, the local guide will tell you more about their traditional culture and so on. Here's some guide information in your travel of The Grape Valley: Address: 13km away from Flaming Mountain, Turpan , Xinjiang Province. Contact number: 0086-995-8614688   Admission Fee: CNY60   Opening Hours: 08:00 -18:00

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