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The Erdaoqiao Bazaar of Urumqi Guide

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Erdaoqiao Bazaar, together with Shanxi Alley area in Urumqi has been the trading center for the people from southern and northern minority area, as well as West Asia and Central Asia, from the late Qing Dynasty. Going throuhg more than 100 years of change, the Erdaoqiao bazaar has become the largest market of ethnic minority goods in Xinjiang. And that area has become a market zone, the Erdaoqiao Bazaar being the center. The strong ethnic characteristics and customs of Xinjiang region of Erdaoqiao Bazaar attracts a large number of Chinese and foreign tourists. Currently, there are thirteen major

categories of goods, 2000 varieties, and the minoriry business account for 80 percent in the Erdaoqiao Bazaar. The goods in the Erdaoqiao Bazaar contain ethnic costumes and hat, knifeware, jewerly, handicrafts, local musical instruments, Xinjiang fruits, Pakistan bronzes and some herb medicines, various handmade ethnic carpets, tapestries and even fabrics imported from Turkey. Erdaoqiao Bazaar is a microcosm of the local ethnic folk customs of Xinjiang Uygur Aotonomous Region. You’ll have to visit the Erdaoqiao Bazaar when you travel to Xinjiang to get a better udnerstanding of the local customs of Xinjiang. The covered Erdaoqiao market was first opened in 1982 and the new market was completed in 2002.

Merchants at the Erdaoqiao bazaar sell all manner of items from local products to imported products, from arts and crafts to animals. The most famous product to buy in the Erdaoqiao Bazaar are the Kashgar knives. If you are tired of shopping, the Erdaoqiao bazaar also has places to eat to replenish your energy. The best market to go is the Sunday market and on every Sunday, there are more stalls and more goods to buy than any other day. Next to the Erdaqiao Bazaar is the Erdaqiao mosque, another popular tourist location. Some guide information of the Erdaoqiao Bazaar
Location: in the downtown of Urumqi, Xinjiang         Tickets: free         Opeing hours: 08:00-21:00

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Name:Erdaoqiao Bazaar Reply

I’ll go on a business trip to Urumqi with my wife, and she wants to find a bazaar to stroll around and buy stuff. Is Erdaoqiao Bazaar a good place to go about?

Name:Re: Erdaoqiao Bazaar

Erdaoqiao Bazaar is a very famous market in Urumqi. You could basically find everything you need in Erdaoqiao Bazaar; meanwhile it’s a good place to experience to local life in Urumqi.