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The Astana tombs, located just south of the Gaochang Ruins, are where the ancient people of Gaochang city are buried (from the Western Jin to Tang Dynasty) and the site houses over 500. The tombs are famous travel sites in China for their terracotta figurines and tomb paintings. The majority of the people buried here are of Han decent and the tombs were arranged according to family. Gravel boundaries separate the tombs by family. The paternal family burial order was strictly followed, similar to the system in the Hexi Corridor (today's Gansu Province), and even in

central China. Generally, husband and wife were buried together. In some cases, one man was accompanied by two or three women. The tombs are decorated with various paintings with the dead placed at the back of each chamber. Buried with them were various articles from their everyday living so they could enjoy them in the afterworld. Owing to the arid climate, the relics are very well preserved; dumplings are the same as today's, and the stuffing is as intact as it was when fresh. Murals with vivid pictures of humans, animals, flowers, mountains, and rivers decorate some chambers. A painting of ladies playing chess illustrates the happy life of

aristocrats in the early Tang Dynasty (618-907). Around 80% of the corpses in the tombs have already mummified due to this kind of natural climate of the area. When you travel here, you will learn a lot about the local traditions. Here's some guide information in your travel of The Astana tombs: 40km southeast of Turpan City, Xinjiang Province. Contact number: 0086-991-3257799   Admission Fee: CNY20   Opening Hours: 08:00-17:00   Travel Tips:1. For your own safety do not enter the unopened areas. 2. Do not touch the mural inside the chambers.

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