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The Heavenly Lake, known as Tian Chi in Chinese, is located on the northern side of Bogda Peak in Tianshan Mountains, over 40 kilometers southeast to the city of Fukang, 110 kilometers away from Urumqi. Until 1783 it got the present name, Heavenly Lake was known as ‘Jade Pool’ in the ancient time. The Heavenly Lake is a famous highland lake in the world with an elevation of 1910 meters. The Heavenly Lake is 3400 meters long and 1500 meters wide at most, with an upmost depth of 105 meters. The area that Heavenly Lake covers reaches 4.9 square meters when the melted snow’s plenty and the gross storage capacity hits 160 million steres.

The Heavenly Lake is a high-plateau glacial lake formed in the century glacier campaign period of 4th, the Quaternary Glacier period, over two million years ago. The northern bank of the Heavenly Lake is a natural ridge of glacial drift. The scenery around the Heavenly Lake is spectacular, with grasslands, glacier forests and snow capped mountains. There are also several different plant and animal species that live in the area. The Heavenly Lake is among one of the best lake destinations to travel in northwestern China. The Heavenly Lake Scenic Area consists of four natural belts: lower mountain belt, mountain coniferous forest, alpine and subalpine belt and ice and snow belt.

The highest peak, Bogda, in Tianshan Mountains can be reached riding a horse within one day and it is one of the mountain peaks that attracts climbers from both China and the world. The Heavenly Lake lying in the Tianshan Mountain is one of the four most famous ‘Tian Chi’ in China and has a really great reputation for its beauty. The Heavenly Lake is a must-see destination when you travel to Tianshan Mountain. Some guide information of the Heavenly Lake.
Location: Heavenly Lake, Xinjiang Region         Tickets: CNY 100 (Apr. to Oct.); CNY 40 (Nov. to Mar.)         Opening hours: 08:00-17:00

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Name:Tianshan Heavenly Lake Reply

Will it be possible to visit Heavenly Lake in Xinjiang now? I’m trying to surprise my wife as our tenth anniversary gift.

Name:Re: Tianshan Heavenly Lake

Wow. Sure it’s good to visit Heavenly Lake, Tianchi in Xinjiang. There’s another gorgeous lake, Kanas Lake. It would be great if you could visit both Heavenly Lake and Kanas Lake.