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Shanxi Museum is located in the west bank of Fen River, Taiyuan city, with an area of 112,000 square meters, and the construction area of 51,000 square meters. Along with a total investment of nearly 400 million yuan, Shanxi Museum is currently one of handful large-scale modern and comprehensive museums of the China’s key construction projects. It is the largest investment in the cultural infrastructure of Shanxi province.

Shanxi Museum is consisting of the main hall and four subsidiary buildings. The main building is symbolizing the harvest, stability and prosperity. At the same time, it utilizes modern technical means to interpret the thought of ancient people on architecture. The subsidiary buildings on four corners are office building, conference center, exhibition center and the art center separately. The entire architectural complex is like a mountain with its grant modeling. Shanxi Museum is becoming an important landmark of cultural building in Taiyuan city.Shanxi Museum was originated from Shanxi Education Library created in 1919, and its name thereafter was repeatedly changed. It has been known as Shanxi Provincial Museum since 1953, and the present buildings were newly constructed in 10 August, 2004.

As the largest heritage collection in Shanxi province, Shanxi Museum collects about 200,000 relics. In addition, the library located in the museum occupies an area of 1000 square meters with complete basic facilities and management system, where in all 270,000 volumes books are stored. Recently, it was praised as a “National Key Ancient-book Protection Unit” by Social and Cultural Affairs Department. 

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