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Taipei, the capital of the Taiwan Island, is the center of government and culture in Taiwan. It is hot, crowded, chaotic and cosmopolitan, one of the Asian 'tiger' cities that throbs with life day and night. The city is surrounded by mountains, located in the Taipei Basin in northern Taiwan. Taipei is part of a major industrial area. Most of Taiwan's textile factories are here, and other products include electronics, electrical machinery and appliances, wires and cables, and refrigeration equipment. Railways and bus lines connect Taipei with all parts of the island. The city is served by the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport west of the city in Taoyuan.

Taipei has grown from a swampy farming settlement into a modern metropolis in an extraordinarily short time, most of its development having taken place since World War II. During the last few decades there has been tremendous growth in the city. Now a sprawling metropolis, Taipei is an ideal place to travel for those who love the hustle and bustle of the big city. While most visitors come for business reasons, a growing number of travelers are stopping over to tap into the city’s growing cultural reserves: remarkable collections of Chinese antiquities and top-notch restaurants.

Packed with excellent restaurants, magnificent hotels, glitzy shopping malls, wonderful museums, temples, spas and peaceful gardens, Taipei is also crammed with bars and nightclubs. The Yangmingshan National Park, The National Palace Museum, The Snake Alley, and Taipei101 tower are the most famous palaces in this city. Welcome to check out our other pages for more travel guide to Taipei or other famous cities in China. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you plan to travel to Taipei. We will provide the professional advice, individual itinerary and excellent travel service.

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Name:Best season to travel to Taipei Reply

My wife and I want to travel to Taipei next year, then fly to Beijing. There’s direct flight from Taipei to Beijing now, right? When do you recommend us to travel there? And which is the must-see attraction in Taipei?

Name:Re: Best season to travel to Taipei

The city of Taipei experiences a subtropical climate. During the summers, the city is hot and humid with high-end temperatures. Taipei witnesses a brief winter season with decent temperature changes with the lowest recorded temperature of ten degrees. The city witnesses maximum typhoons and storms in the monsoon months extending from April to September. Therefore, the best time travel to the city of Taipei is that of the fall months. A ‘must-see' attraction for every traveller when they travel in Taipei is the National Palace Museum. This museum showcases the artefacts from over five thousand years of Chinese civilisation.