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Taicang, as the name implies, which means imperial's barn. In history, there is an old saying "golden Taicang, sliver Jiajing, cupreous Songjiang". On the map, Yangtze river looks like a huge dragon, Taicang looks like a pearl in dragon's mouth. Taicang covers a total area of 823 sq.kms, of which 648 sq.kms is land. The permanent resident population is 600000.About 6000 years ago, there was the vast sea here. Because of crustal movement, the sea changed into the land. In spring and autumn period, king of state Wu stored up grain here. In the Song dynasty, Taicang became a bazaar. It became the hinge of the grain's transportation by sea of Yangtze river, one of the best ports in China. At the end of the Yuan, people built the city. After 1724, Taicang was administered by Jiangsu, as well as Suzhou from March 1983.

For a long time, Taicang is a place with talented people, forming its unique culture. There are many pagodas in Taicang which indicates that Buddhism was once preached here well in the west Jin dynasty. Some cultural relics spread here widely until now, such as shuangfeng ballad, folk dance, stilt, dragon lantern, rolling lantern and so on. Because of the development of the culture of the grain transportation, the communication between home and abroad had become more and more convenient. And Taicang has also preserved many structures built in the Yuan dynasty. In the Ming dynasty, schools and colleges were in fashion in that time which fostered numerous outstanding talents, such as Zhang pu, Wang shizhen, Wu weiye, Lu shiyi,which made a great contribution to the culture of Taicang. Now the culture of Taicang becomes openness, rich and colorful.Solid cultural background,unique cultural setting and geographic location gave Taicang lots of advantages in getting business and bringing in funds. Many multinational companies set up their factories in Taicang. As the nearest city of Shanghai along the Yangtze river,Taicang has abundant resources along the coast and had better channel navigation. So Taicang port is a national port and has become one of the most important ports for the trade.

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