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Tiger Hill, known as Huqiu in Chinese, is a popular but tranquil place to go wonder around and learn about some of Suzhou history for its natural beauty and historical sites. It's named so because it looks like a crouching tiger with another saying that a tiger appeared on the hill followed and guarded King Helu's funeral. There are several paths, waterfalls and pagodas all worth exploring. Tiger Hill is a famous hill in Suzhou that is merely thirty-six meters tall and covers over 14,100 square. meters. The hill itself has a very long history with several interesting places to see. Lu Yu Well, a tea expert who

wrote the first book about tea. He dug a well here and declared that the water from this well was some of the best water in all of China. Because of Lu Yu, tea became a very important commodity for Suzhou. Tomb of King He Lu belongs to the King of the Wu who died in battle against Yue in 496BC and his son buried him on the hill. The white tiger appeared on the hill three days later hence the name of Huqiu. All the crevice on the rock, Sword Testing Stone, is the evidence that King He Lu loved to collect rare swords and tested them on the Sword Testing Stone and the Swoed Pool. It is believed

that all of his swords were buried beneath the Sword Pool after the King died as funerary objects. The Tiger Hill has been a popular travel destination for hundreds of years. Some guide information of the Tiger Hill.
Location: Tiger Hill Park, Suzhou         Tickets: CNY60 (Apr.16 - Oct.30); CNY40 (Oct.31 - Apr.15)          Opening hours: 07:30 -18:00         Contact number: +86 512 65383488

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Name:Enough Time for Tiger Hill? Reply

We have only one day trip to Suzhou from Shanghai and would like to know if we will have time to visit the Tiger Hill? We are picking one or two gardens and will take a train back in the afternoon. Could we squeeze some time for the Tiger Hill?

Name:Re: Enough Time for Tiger Hill?

The Tiger Hill or Huqiu in Chinese is not a hill or a big place which costs you too much time. One hour is enough for you to visit inside. Tiger Hill is pretty near the railway station. Maybe you could consider having a stop there before heading for your train.