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The Lingering Garden Guide

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The Lingering Garden, located in outside the Changmen Gate in Suzhou, is a renowned classical Chinese traditional garden. It was listed as culture relics by UNESCO in 1997, together with other classical gardens in Suzhou. The Lingering Garden, known as Liuyuan Garden in Chinese, was first built in the Ming Dynasty about five hundred years ago thus was taken over by many owners since then. And each owner spent as best money as they could to perfect the garden. Occupying an area of 30,000 square meters, the Lingering Garden is very peerless in creating stunning natural landscapes

within limited space that a good portion of the garden is filled with buildings of various kinds of architecture and the gardens use the spaces between these buildings to fill up the area with beauty. Some of the buildings worth seeing are the Pellucid Tower, the Zigzag Stream Tower and the Refreshing Breeze Pavilion. The halls found in the garden are the best ones to visit among all others in Suzhou. The garden is generally divided into four parts with the central one being the essence of the whole complex. The Lingering Garden is a genuine masterpiece of gardening which is definitely a

worthwhile travel destination. Inside, there is a man-made mountain and lake as well as the original site of Xu's East Garden and the villa of Liu which is the best part of the gardens. These particular gardens of Suzhou have the Auspicious Cloud and Mountainous Cloud peaks, all made of limestone and are the highest in all of the classical gardens in the city. There are also a great number of steles in this garden that are superior to any other garden in the city. The guide information below would make your travel to Lingering Garden comfortable.                 Location:  No. 338 Liuyuan Street, Suzhou City                 Contact number: +86 512 65337903           Tickets: CNY40 (3/1-5/31; 9/1-11/30); CNY30 (6/1-8/31; 12/1-4/30)        Opening Hours: 07:30 to 17:00

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