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The Grand Canal of China, also renown as Jing-Hang Grand Canal, is one of the longest ancient canals or artificial river in the world. The canal, together with the Great Wall, is regarded as the two great objects in ancient China. The Grand Canal begins in Tongxian County in Beijing and ends in Hangzhou which makes it roughly 1776 kilometers long and the major water consevancy in ancient China. The canal connects five large river systems in China and runs through six provinces from north to south. The elevation of the canal bed varies from one meter minus sea level at Hangzhou to 38.5

meters above at its summit. At Beijing it reaches 27 m, fed by streams from the western mountains. The Jing-Hang Grand Canal played an important role in the development of water, consevancy, the economic and cultural exchange and political integration between North and South China. The canal, first constructed during the Late Spring and Autumn Period (5th Century, BC), is over 2,500 years old and was extended a couple of times in the 7th and 9th century. The canal also served as the major means of transportation between northern and southern China in the past. This canal profoundly

affected the economic ties of these two regions. It even made distinct impression on some of the early European travelers. The canal was improved after 1949 and most sections are navigable, except in Shandong province. Due to the development of train in China, the role of the canal has decreased over the years and some areas have become old and in need of repair,but the Grand Canal is still a great option of travel destination. Some guide information of the Grand Canal.
Location: No.739. Panxu Road, Canglang District, Suzhou         Tickets: CNY60         Opening hours: 9:00-18:30;19:30-20:45         Contact number: +86 512 68118088

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Name:Is Grand Canal Cruise Available in Suzhou? Reply

I am planning to visit Suzhou in 2 weeks. Just wanted to know if there are cruises through the waterways of suzhou? If there are, where are the boarding points? Thanks for your help in advance.

Name:Re: Is Grand Canal Cruise Available in Suzhou?

Yes, the cruises on the Ancient Grand Canal in Suzhou are still happening. The popular boarding point is at Panmen Gate. Wish you a great time there.