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Shiquan Culture Street Guide

-Travel to Shiquan Culture Street

Shiquan Street is an exquisite street, 2004 meters long. Under the shades of tall plane trees, the new buildings on either side of the street have whitewashed walls and black tiles, showing the features of the architectural structures of the Ming and Qing dynasties. All the houses on the street are beautiful and exquisite, laid out in a fashion of maze. The shops by the street are not large, but sell a superb collection of high-quality commodities, such as Suzhou embroideries, boccaro teapot, pottery wares, silk, paintings and calligraphy, metals and stones, jade objects and rosewood products. Many restaurants are also located on the street, serving different styles of food, such as the Old Suzhou Tea Restaurant, Tongdexing Noodle Restaurant, Shancheng Chafing Dish which serves various styles of curisine from all over the country; and other restaurant serve Japanese food, South Korean food, barbecues, Huaiyang cuisine and Guangdong cuisine. The shops on the street sell casual clothing made in Japan, Europe, America and South Korea at reasonable prices. Young people will be happy to do shopping on the street.

Since the early 1990s, Shiquan Street has developed into a well-known bar street in Suzhou, which is always crowded with customers and shows its distinctive characteristics and unique scenery. The Shenshi Jiaren Bar on the street is large in size, and its “SCARLET” paved with mirrors occupies a while wall, dazzling under lamplight at night. The other major bars include the Matsuya Bar with the strong Japanese colors, the Venice Commerce Bar mentioned by Shakespeare in his novels, the Girl Classmate Sitting Next to Me with the typical Chinese style. At night, various bars on the street display a scene of color and bustle, and Chinese and foreign tourists and local young people of Suzhou sing songs and do dances in the bars, enjoying themselves to their hearts’ content. The colorful lamps of the bars on the street make Suzhou become a city without night, where more and more Chinese and foreign tourists can experience the combination of the ancient charm and the modern fashions of Suzhou.

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