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Panmen Scenic Zone Guide

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On the southwestern corner of the Ancient City, the Panmen Scenic Zone consists of the Panmen gate, Ruiguang Pagoda and Wumen Bridge, which are acclaimed as the three tourist attractions of Panmen Area. The Ruiguang Pagoda and the Panmen Gate are historical sites under state protection; and the Wumen Bridge is a cultural site under city protection. The Panmen Scenic Zone shows the exquisite charm of the gardens in South China, and the natural interest of the wide field of vision. As the largest historical and cultural tourism scenic zone in the ancient city, it integrates tourism, appreciation, leisure, recreation and residence, and contains 48 tourist attractions. In ancient China, the Panmen Gate was the southwestern pass of Suzhou; in the Tang and Song dynasties, it was the flourishing area; and in the Xianfeng region period (1851-1861) of the Qing Dynasty, the area became desolate. The existing Panmen Gate is the only well-preserved water and land city gate in China and in the world as well. The experts od ancient architecture spoke highly of it, saying: “North China has the majestic Great Wall; and South China boasts the exquisite Panmen Gate,” Now the time-honored Panmen Gate is the logo of the city emblem.

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