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Situated in the joint Singaporean-Chinese developed Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP), Jinji Lake makes for a great change of pace if you've seen one too many of Suzhou's historic gardens.Though the word "industrial" mars the name, the area around the lake is full of beautiful parks, residential areas and businesses which line a 15 km (9 mi) walkway around the lake's edge.
The Ferris Wheel Amusement Park, which is located on the east bank of the lake, takes its name from a 120 m (394 ft) tall Ferris Wheel on the banks of the lake that has a maximum capacity of 300.

Jinji Lake, the largest inland city lake in China, was named so because legend has that a golden rooster (Jinji) once fell into a boat on the lake. As the core area in SIP, Jinji Lake Scenic Area occupies 10 square kilometers. Jinji Lake Scenic Area layouts according to the city's business travel functions, so that SIP itself is a scenic area and business is done in a tour. Nearly 8,953 million RMB is invested in the five functional spots here, Including Cultural Convention and Exhibition Spot, Fashion & Shopping Spot, Leisure & Diverse Spot, Urban Sight-seeing Spot and Central Waterscape Spot. With the international lakeside design and romantic landscape, Jinji Lake Scenic Area attracts a multitude of leisure visitors. People can take the special touring bus around the lake to enjoy the complete picture of the lake. Jinji Lake Scenic Spot has become a popular gathering place for leisure visitors, so that it deserves the title of Suzhou’s “New Heaven on Earth” in the 21st century.

Hours: 24 hours daily
How to get there: Plenty of buses stop around the lake including buses 138, 307, 108, 168, 100, 106, 156, 158, 206, 219, 28, 2, 47, 812, the Jinji Hu Touring Bus, Suzhou Science and Cultural Arts Center Night Bus and the Suzhou Industry Garden No.2 Special Line. You could also cab it; just say, "Jinji Hú"!
Phone: 4007 558 558
Website: www.sipjinjilake.com

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