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Qipanshan Ice and Snow World Guide

-Travel to Qipanshan Ice and Snow World

Qipanshan Ice and Snow World is located in Qipanshan Scenic Area in the northeast of Shenyang City, about 17 kilometers from downtown city. It covers a total area of 500,000 square meters, boasting a chain of mountains and dense forests. In winter, Qipanshan Ice and Snow World turns into an ice-snow world with falling snow whirled. The temperature during daytime in the area ranges from -15℃ to -5℃ throughout the year. Thus, Qipanshan Ice and Snow World ranks as an ideal winter resort, integrating tourism, appreciation, sports, entertainment, relaxation and spending holidays. After eight years of development, Qipanshan Ice and Snow World has become a large ice-snow tourist attraction with complete facilities and abundant events in Northeast China. Qipanshan Ice and Snow World is open to the public from early December to late February each year, and the area is well equipped with hotels of various levels for tourists.

In Qipanshan Ice and Snow World, there are over 30 event programs, featuring entertainment, adventure and stimulation. The ice-snow activity area is composed of two parts, including the southern area and the northern area. The southern area is alpine skiing area, consisting of 1000-meter-long, 800-meter-long and 600-meter-long alpine skiing fields, a 500-meter-long skiing driving range and 200-meter-long skiing field for children. Besides, there are two large ski equipment rental repertories, renting skiwear, selling souvenirs and depositing luggage.

The southern area takes advantage of the ice surface of the lake, boasting an annular 400-meter-long skating rink of international standard, a racecourse, a pleasure area for children, ice engravings, motorbikes suitable for snow field, karts and fireworks and crackers area. The area provides visitors with a variety of ice-snow activities.
How to Get There?Take No. 168 or 331 buses
Ticket Price:120 yuan for 2 hours; 150 yuan for a day, including the fee for renting ski equipments
Opening Hours: 8:30 to 16:30; 16:30 to 22:00

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