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Shenyang, one of China's most famous industrial cities, is the capital of Liaoning Province. Shenyang enjoys a relative diverse landscape - the west is mainly plains while the northeast and southeast are mainly hilly. Over the years, Shenyang has built up an all inclusive comprehensive industrial system that encompasses the production of metallurgy, light industry and textiles, building materials, electronics, foodstuff etc. The city is also a key point in the distribution of goods in Northeast China, as well as a major communication hub for Liaoning Province.

Shenyang is a well-known historical and cultural city in China and is one of the earliest cities to be named as a travel city. When compared to nearby Dalian and Qingdao with their tourism mandates and accompanying infrastructure, travel industry in Shenyang plays second fiddle to industry. But it is still praised for its historical significance. In fact, the city currently has 1100 cultural relics. During the Qing Dynasty, the first emperor also moved his capital to Shenyang. Today, visitors can take a travel of historical and cultural sites, such as the Imperial Palace, Baocheng in Crescent Moon Shape, Shisheng Temple and Liaobin Pagoda etc.

Shengjing Ancient Cultural Street is a must-see for travelers. Liaoning Provincial Museum is also worth a look for its massive collection of art. Those in Shenyang for the shopping will find two main areas: Zhong Jie and Taiyuan Jie. The city also has many mega hotels and swanky restaurants. Read more guide to Shenyang attractions below. Welcome to check out our other pages for more travel information about Shenyang. We would like to help you with your Shenyang travel plan, by providing professional advice, useful itinerary and excellent travel service.

Shenyang Attractions Guide

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  • The North MausoleumAs one of the most popular travel spots in Shengyang, the North Tombs is situated amongst the expansive greens and lakes of Beiling Park, near the Shenyang Imperial Palace. The North Tombs (also called Zhao Mausoleum), a UNES ... ...
  • Royal Palace The Shenyang Imperial Palace, also known as the Crown of Manchu Culture, shares the same Chinese name with the Forbidden City in Beijing. The palace was built during the Qing Dynasty, which was founded by Manchu Aristocrats in 164 ... ...
  • Liaoning Provincial Museum
    The Liaoning Provincial Museum is located in Heping District of Shenyang City, Liaoning Province. The area of the Museum grounds and buildings totals 110,000 square meters. The heart of the Museum is a three-story exhibition ... ...
  • Qipanshan Ice and Snow WorldQipanshan Ice and Snow World is located in Qipanshan Scenic Area in the northeast of Shenyang City, about 17 kilometers from downtown city. It covers a total area of 500,000 square meters, boasting a chain of mountains and dense f ... ...

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Name:Travel to Shenyang Reply

I'll be transiting in Shenyang for 6 hours. Is it worthwhile to go downtown to travel around and would there be any problems trying to get back in time for our flight?

Name:Re:Travel to Shenyang

Shenyang is a famous historical and cultural city in China and is one of the earliest cities to be named as a travel city. It is worthy traveling around. It is only about 30 minutes’ driving from Shenyang airport to downtown. So you have enough time to explore the city. Our travel agency just can provide the travel service in Shenyang. Welcome to contact us if you have any needs.

Name:Shenyang Travel Reply

I’d like to visit the northeast of China next month. Do you have any good recommendation?

Name:Re:Shenyang Travel

Thanks for your asking. I think Shenyang is a great choice. There are many scenes for you to visit, like Shenyang Mukden Palace, Shenyang Botanical Garden, Qipanshan Scenic Area, Shenyang Magic Slope, Shenyang Bird Island and so on.

Name:Shenyang Bird Island Tour Reply

Hello, I love animals very much, so I’d like to visit some place with wild animals. Do you have any good idea?

Name:Re:Shenyang Bird Island Tour

I think Shenyang Bird Island is a great choice. It is an island located in the Hunhe River water system, covering an area of49.26 hectares. With its forests, brushwoods, wetland and ponds, it makes the a perfecthabitat for wild animals, especially wild birds such as the red-crowned crane, swan,peacock, wild goose, heron, parrot, sea gull and ostrich.