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Shegar Travel Guide

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Shegar, also known as New Tingri, but not to be confused with Tingri, is an old town lies 7km diversion northwest of the Friend Highway, where you can buy your entering ticket to the Mt. Everest Nature Reserve. The Everest Base Camp and Ronghu Monastery are located inside the reserve. Usually, travellers can have a rest and stay here for a night before heading to the famous Mt. Everest Base Camp in the early next morning. Guests can take some convenience food with them and have a special meal in their tents at this high level.

The Shegar town is a very small town that promises to be a great relief after being on the dirty road. You can get a complete understanding of how the locals live in the small town. The plumbing in the town is not the best and sometimes the power might flicker and the hot water will stop from the showers. However, experiencing these things will only make you appreciate the comfort of your own home and give you an unforgettable experience.

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My friend and I wanna travel to Shegar and the Everest Base Camp. Can your tour company provide Mount Everest travel service? where do I stay on the day when I arrive?

Name:Re: Shegar Travel

Usually when you travel to the Everest Base Camp, it’s better to stay at a better hotel in Shegar. The other way is to stay at the base camp on the day you arrive, but better conditioned hotels are in Shegar.