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Shaoxing Lu Xun former dwelling located at Zhejiang Province Shaoxing Dongchnag Work place mouth (now Lu Xun road 208), in Lu Xun memorial hall west side. Shaoxing is Lu Xun’s hometown. Lu Xun, born in Shaoxing County in Zhejiang Province on September 25, 1881, was one of the country's greatest thinkers and man of letter in the 20th century. He died in 1936.Lu wrote a number of literary classics, including The True Story of Ah Q, A Madman's Diary, Kong Yiji and Medicine, which exposed the ugly side of human nature and emancipated people's minds.

When he was alive, his works stood out like a lighthouse, providing a guiding light for perplexed Chinese youths who were passionate about China's future, Xinhua news agency said.After he passed away, Japanese found out from his works the strength to rejuvenate their country, which was shattered during World War II.Over the past decades, thousands of experts and scholars around the world have studied his works from almost every possible angle, such as culture, psychology, arts, linguistics, the outlook of love and the attitude toward life.

In China, studies of Lu Xun have flourished into a special academic field, which holds such a position that it can be paralleled to that of the Dream of the Red Mansion, which is one of the country's four classical literature masterpieces.Lu Xun's works have been translated into such languages as English, Russian, German, and Korean and distributed throughout the world.

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