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Shaoxing, a prefecture-level city in Zhejiang province, located in the east part of People's Republic of China. Lying on the south bank of the Qiantang River mouth, it borders Hangzhou to the west, Jinhua to the southwest, Ningbo to the east, and Taizhou to the southeast. It administers 1 district (Yuecheng District), 3 county-level cities (Shangyu City & Shengzhou City & Zhuji City), and 2 counties (Shaoxing County & Xinchang County). It is one of the famous cities in the east part of China. Furthermore, it was named as one of the most attractive travel cities of China, especially its many beautiful gardens.

The county not only bred outstanding people over centuries but also enjoys a fine reputation as a pearl in southern China, birthplace of silk making, and land of culture and the home of prominent scholars. Shaoxing is also famous for its water and bridges, as well as for its wine. It is one of five Chinese cities famous for wines. Shaoxing has a history of about 2,500 years making yellow-colored rice wine. The brewery takes the natural process with the pure water from the lake beside, which provides the wine a unique taste and earns a good reputation in China and the world. As the leading producer and exporter of rice wine in China, Shaoxing makes 250,000 tons of wine a year.

Many famous literary artists were drawn to the town because of its peacefulness. It is fairly understated in comparison to other cities in the region with its beautiful countryside, ancient ruins and traditional buildings and not a lot of manmade attractions for travelers. The famous attractions in Shaoxing are: Lu Xun's Former Residence (Lu Xun was a famous writer in China's history); East Lake (a traditional scenic area located out of the town) and The Tomb of Great Yu. Welcome to check out our other pages for more travel guide to Shaoxin or other famous cities in China. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you plan to travel to Shaoxing. We will provide the professional advice, individual itinerary and excellent travel service.

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  • Shaoxing Lu Xun former dwelling Shaoxing Lu Xun former dwelling located at Zhejiang Province Shaoxing Dongchnag Work place mouth (now Lu Xun road 208), in Lu Xun memorial hall west side. Shaoxing is Lu Xun’s hometown. Lu Xun, born in Shaoxing County in Zhe ... ...

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Name:Travel to Shaoxing by driving Reply

We heard Shaoxing is an ancient water city with a history spanning many centuries. It will be wonderful if we have a chance to travel there. How far is Shaoxing from Shanghai if we travel there by driving? We only want to hire a guide when we get there, we would like to travel in a city by walking always.

Name:Re: Travel to Shaoxing by driving

Hi, it will take you about 2 and half hours to drive to Shaoxing from Shnaghai. Walking is probably the best way to experience the traditional lifestyles of local citizens in Shaoxing. So there’s no problem only hire a guide in Shaoxing. Here are some recommended walking tours in Shaoxing ancient city when you travel there. http://www.itourbeijing.com/china-tour/shaoxing/shaoxing01.htm

Name:Shaoxing Travel Reply

Hello, I’d like to visit the watertown of China. Could you recommend a city to me?

Name:Re:Shaoxing Travel

I recommend you Shaoxing. Among the watertowns in the southern region of Yangtze River, Shaoxing is a unique one with its specialties. The tags of Shaoxing cover a wide scale including culture, cuisine, and also literature. The whole city of Shaoxing is peaceful and beautiful. The Wupeng boat, the stone arch bridge across a small river, houses of local people along the riverside, which sees like a Chinese ink and wash painting, smells like aged and mellow Shaoxing wine, and feels like a paradise on earth.

Name:Shaoxing Tour Reply

I am going to visit Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province. What scenes are worth of seeing?

Name:Re:Shaoxing Tour

I think the most well-known key words of Shaoxing shall be Lu Xun, yellow rice wine, and Wupeng boat. These are the representives there.