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For most to the visitors, the only reason why they travel to Shaoshan is because the city is well known as the birthplace of Mao Zedong, the founder of the People's Republic of China. Shaoshan is a county-level city in Xiangtan, Hunan Province, is It administers 2 towns (Qingxi & Yintian) and 6 rural towns (Ruyi & Shaoshan & Yanglin & Daping & Yintian & Yongyi.) The city covers around 210 Square Kilometers and has around 100,000 population. It is also the birthplace of Mao's Family Restaurant, which is a popular restaurant and has many branches in the cities of China.

Shaoshan is 130km (80 miles) southwest of the provincial capital Changsha and holds great significance to many Chinese people. Today, although less in number, travellers continue to visit Shaoshan. Be sure to find a local guide to tell you the stories of Mao, which will make your travel there deserving. The memory of Mao continues to live on, with stores selling everything from Mao badges to Mao karaoke videos, and restaurants serving Mao's favorite dishes. The city has not lost its quaint pastoral charm - traditional adobe houses are nestled between green hills and lush paddy fields.

The most striking attraction in Shaoshan is a monumental statue of the Chairman himself, erected in the 1990s. In many ways, the city is an ongoing homage to the iconic leader. Locals have done a fine job capitalizing on the reputation of their favorite former resident, and today's visitors will find everything from his former residence to a Mao-family restaurant that has since sprouted wings and set up franchises across the nation. Welcome to check out our other pages for more travel guide to Shaoshan or other famous cities in China. Don't hesitate to contact us if you plan to travel to Shaoshan. We will provide the professional advice, individual itinerary and excellent travel service.

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Is Shaoshan famous in China? If so, how can I travel there from Changsha?

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Shaoshan is a country-level city in China famous as the hometown of Chairman Maozedong- the founder of People's Republic of China. It attracts people from home and abroad pay their homage to him. Shaoshan travel will tell you the great life of Mr Mao and the development of China. Changsha is nearby Shaoshan, only takes 2 hours’driving there. Welcome to travel Shaoshan. I have sent you an elaborate itinerary. Please check!