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Wuzhen is a historic scenic water town in northern Zhejiang Province, China. It lies within the triangle formed by Hangzhou, Suzhou and Shanghai, occupies an area of 46.5 square kilometers. It is an ideal place for people who want to travel alone with a guide map, and spending some days in the local guest house to feel the quiet life. Located in the center of the six ancient towns south of Yangtze River, Wezhen has stood on the riverbanks for nearly 2,000 years. Many of the workshops, ancient residential houses, stores and sites of historical and cultural interest still stand there. The travel service 

in the town are developed sound, which can meet various need of travellers. The local people are the best guides and they will told you the history and legends about the town. During the Northern and Southern Dynasties (420-581), the famed Crown Prince Liang Zhaoming studied at Wuzhen. The prince is best known for his Literary Selections by Zhaoming, a milestone in the history of Chinese literature, and the town built a memorial archway to commemorate his stay which can still be seen to this day. Wuzhen has kept many of its old traditions alive. In addition to the flower-drum opera, shadow-puppet shows and temple fairs, Wuzhen also attracts visitors with its ancient art of making indigo-dyed printed calico. Here are some information from the travel guide book: In the past, indigo-dyed printed calico was used in every household in the province. The raw material for dye printing comes from Eupatorium fortune, an herb that turns indigo after being fermented and precipitated. To make transporting the cloth easier, the weaving workshops and dyeing workshops are usually on the same street, only a few doors away from each other. At present, more and more people choose to travel to Wuzhen and enjoy some leisure days on their holdiay.
Location: on the half way of Shanghai and Suzhou; Opening Hours: 08:00-17:30; Contact number: + 86-573-88731088  Tickets: CNY 100/120/150

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Name:Questions About Wuzhen Reply

Have been told Wuzhen is good, but cannot find much info about it in my guide books. Would like to know if itis worth visiting. Can we visit both West and East side of the town? I wonder will I have to pay the enterance fee everytime I get in/out of the hotel if I want to go to Wuzhen town?

Name:Re: Questions About Wuzhen

Wuzhen is a beautiful water town which is worth your traveling. You can visit both east (RMB100) and west(RMB120 Daytime, RMB80 Night time) side, totally depending on when you arrive and how long you stay there. They also have through tickets(RMB150) for both sides. But all Wuzhen tickets are only vaild for single entry within one day. If you stay in the hotels in the west side of Wuzhen, the ticket will keep vaild until you exit the town.

Name:Wuzhen Tour Guide Reply

I am going to Wuzhen during the Chinese Spring Festival. Are there any activities?

Name:Re: Wuzhen Tour Guide

Thanks for your asking. During the Spring Festival, there are many activities and customs inherited from the ancestors. The most distinctive one is the “long street banquet”. In the past, wealthy families would hold banquets for guests in the Spring Festival. The neighbors set out tables and chairs along the street. The connected tables formed the lively and colorful “long street banquet”.Today, the “long street banquet” is still held in Wuzhen town with more splendid dishes. The most indispensable one is the well-known braised sheep. It is a usual practice to put up a pot and boil sheep meat. The scent penetrates the whole street. Visitors are strongly advised to taste this gourmet.