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The Temple of City Patron, called Chenghuangmiao in Chinese, is one of the orthodox Taoist temples in Shanghai. It is located in the middle Fangbin Road, adjacent to the Yu Garden, reaches the Anren Street in the east and the Fuyou Road in the north and ends in the Old Jiao Chang Road.  The Temple of City Partron, right now, is one of the must-see places for visitors when they travel in Shanghai, famous for the shopping market. According to the introduction on the guide book that the Temple of City Patron is the earliest temple to the God of Shanghai and founded in Song Dynasty when a shrine was

erected to the City God of Huating County. Chinese traditionally believe that each city is watched over by its own guardian god. The Huating shrine was located in Danjing Temple, far from its current location. Your travel guide will show you the present site of the temple which was originally used in Ming Dynasty during the reign of Emperor Yongle. A statue of General Huo Guang of the Han Dynasty was enshrined in the front hall, while a statue of Qin Yubo, the god of the City, rested in the back hall. The Temple of City Patron had attracted thousands of pilgrims in Qing Dynasty. Later when Shanghai became an open seaport, the temple and its surrounding attracted myriad of businessmen to come together, and it gradually became a market attracting people travel from home and abroad. Most of the constructions there were built before 1911, which are endowed with the features of Chinese ancient architecture. You don't need a travel guide here,  if you just want to do shopping in the thousands of small stores of the market, you can entirely enjoy your free shopping times here. The Temple of City Patron has also gain the nickname of "the kingdom of snacks", for sight-seers could taste various local refections to their hearts' content, sunch as the distinctive desserts in Lu Bo Lang Restaurant, the steamed buns with vegetable stuffing in Song Yue Lou Restaurant, the pigeon-egg-like dumplings in Osmanthus Hall Confectionery Store, the Babaofan (Eight-Treasure Rice Pudding) in Song Yun Lou Restaurant, the Nanxiang Xiaolongbao( small steamed meat bun) and the dumplings with the wine stuffing. All the local refections are waiting for you to taste personally when you travel there.
Location: in the center of Shanghai City; Opening Hours: 24 hours

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Name:Temple of City Patron Reply

Is there entrance fees to get into the Temple of Cit Patron? If so, is it worth visiting inside the Chenghuang Miao?

Name:Re: Temple of City Patron

Yes, they require admissions to get into the Temple of Cit Patron. But the surrounding food vendors and shopping area are more worth visiting. The Old Shanghai Chenghuang Miao snacks are highly recommended.