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Shanghai Museum is one of the authorities for the exhibition, constructed in 1950 and opened to the public in December, 1952. It is a big and modern museum which contains more than 112,000 Chinese cultural relics from the Old Stone. As one of a must-see attractions in Shanghai, travellers can easily find the location on the guide map. The Museum is located at People's Square in the center of the Shanghai, occupying an area of   39,200 square meters. The current building was designed by a local architect and built in 1993. The new museum building is designed in the shape of an ancient,

bronze, tripod cooking vessel called a ding, which is on exhibit in the museum now. Then introduction on the travel guide book tells: Its unique architectural form of a round top with a square base, symbolizing the ancient Chinese philosophy that the square earth is under the round sky, is a distinguished architectural combination of traditional feature and modern spirit. Many of the relics on display were unearthed in Shanghai and are considered among the best examples of their kind in China. The Museum was moved in 1959 from the Horse-Racing Club on Nanjing Xi Road to the People's Plaza, located at the intersection of Yan'an Dong Road and Henan Nan Road. Following the travel route sign in the Museum, you can visit exhibitions in different ages. Age to modern times, including bronze tools, calligraphy, paintings, pottery, porcelain, jade tools, stone carvings, Jiaguwen (inscriptions on tortoise shells or animal bones), imperial seals, ancient coins, silk embroidery, dyed fabrics, ivory sculptures and ethnic crafts. There will be also Museum guides avaliale if you visit there without a private tour guide.
Location: Renmin Road, Shanghai; Opening Hours: 09:00-17:00; Contact number: + 86-21-63723500  Tickets: Free

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Name:Tickets to Shanghai Museum Reply

I read from the guide books that Shanghai Museum is free to open, correct? So we don’t have to buy tickets to get in? Will that be many people in line?

Name:Tickets to Shanghai Museum

Yes, the Shanghai Museum has been open to the public free of charge. But they have daily visitors limit - 5000 per day. We suggest you go there as early as you can (open time 9:00-17:00). Better to avoid weekend, there will be more visitors in Shanghai Museum.