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The Shanghai Art Museum Guide

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The Shanghai Art Museum is an art gallery in the city of Shanghai, China. It is located in the former clubhouse building of the Shanghai Racing Club. Today, it is the home of the Shanghai biennial and stands adjacent to People's Square. It sits on the edge of People’s Square, and was once the Shanghai Horse Racing course.Field in the old Shanghai, is an art gallery for the public and the home of the Shanghai Biennial.
Originally built in 1956, the museum is well equipped and has certain impact on the modern art. It actively carries out the study both in theory and in art galleries focused on China's contemporary art history and offers optimum condition for storage, exhibition display, educational fair, foreign exchanges and other events. The special session "Shanghai Biennale" held once every two years is one of China's most important events and seminars, counting an international known featured project.

The museum is located in the former Shanghai Racing Field in the old Shanghai. The building represents the British-style in the 1930s. Extensive construction totally retains its original neo-classical characteristic exterior design and interior construction is put in practice in accordance with what the museum requires. From the angel of the design, the building inherits the European traditional type and stresses on the conspicuous modern fashion. The museum is undoubtedly an elegant and decent arts temple. When the audience enters the majestic hall, looks up to the imposing beams, goes upstairs touches casting bronze in the 1930s, looked through the artists' fine works, he will certainly take in the historical changes of old Shanghai and enjoy the attractive cultural charm.

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