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People's Square, located in the city center of Shanghai, covering an area of 140,000 square meters. It is surrounded by the municipal government office building, the Shanghai Museum and the Grand Theatre. Travel to People's Square, cross through the square from the east to the west, the pathway there is about a 100-meter-wide. In the guide book, you can find many the bus routes and subways pass by this area. The green land beside the spring reaches 80, 000 square meters, where various trees are planted and all kinds of flowers are in blossom. According to the local travel gudie, the history

can be tracked back to 1930. During 1930s and 1940s, the present People's Square was once a gambling place and honored as the "No.1 racecourse in Far East". Your guide will show you the ruins of the former main building, which located at the northeast part of People Square. The former Shanghai Library once occupied the former main building of the racecourse. During the 1950s, the racecourse was rebuilt as the People's Park on the north side and the People's Square on the south part. In early 1990s, great changes happened in this area, which made it to be the political and commercial center of the downtown. In 1995, Shanghai was gained the honor of "one of the 10 new views in Shanghai in 90s". Here are some travel tips: 1/ there is a street with the flavors of 1930 in Shanghai. Visitors can view the old buildings, customs of Shanghai in 1930.  2/ Please avoid to spend too much time in the square in summer for you many get tan.  3/ Subway line 1 across here. there are also shopping street, the largest transformer substation of Asia, and the largest parking spot of Shanghai underneath the Square. You need to travel there personally to experience the great Square.
Location: Renmin Road, Shanghai; Opening Hours: 24hours; Tickets: Free

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Name:How to get to People Square? Reply

Hello, does anyone know the best way to get from Shanghai Railway Station to People's Square other than taxi cab? Is there a subway/metro that will take me there?

Name:Re: How to get to People Square?

Yes, the People’s Square is a subway hub in Shanghai. From the railway station, you can take Line One. Only two stops.