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The Oriental Pearl TV Tower of Shanghai, about 468 meters high, stands out the highest TV Tower in Asia and the third highest in the world. The unique architectural design of the tower makes the Oriental Pearl TV Tower one of the most attractive places anywhere. Once you travel in the city, your local guide may fristly take you to have an outside view of The tower, for the Oriental Pearl TV Tower can be the building symbol of Shanghai city.  The tower is located across the Huangpu River from the Bund in the center of Lujiazui district which is an area famous for its grand buildings in various architectural styles.

The map in the guide book shows that the tower is surrounded by the Yangpu Bridge in the northeast and the Nanpu Bridge in the southwest, creating a picture of 'twin dragons playing with pearls'. Some introduction of the building structure in the travel guide book tells us: The tower is made up of massive three columns, the space module, the upper sphere, the lower sphere, five small spheres, the tower base and the square. Each of the columns is about 9 meters in diameter. To travel there, visitors can go up and down the tower with the lift, which can hold up to 50 people on its two decks. There are some trave guides avaliabe when you take the life. The guide will give a brief introduction of the tower in the life when you go up and down. The designers have set the eleven spheres of the tower, so they seem to cascade down from the sky to the green grass at the base of the tower, giving the impression of pearls dropping onto an emerald plate with the two giant spheres shining like rubies. The viewer is often overwhelmed by the poetry and arresting beauty of the scene for the first time when standing on the Sight-seeing Floor, which is 263 meters high and 45 meters in diameter in the upper sphere. When the weather is clear, it is the best place to get a panoramic and awe-inspiring view of the city of Shanghai. It is really an exciting experience to go up to the tower which you can not miss when you travel in Shanghai.
Location: Lujiazui Distirct of Shanghai City; Opening Hours: 08:00 to 21:30; Contact number: + 86-21-58791888  Tickets: CNY 150

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Name:Climb up the Oriental Pearl TV Tower Reply

We are going to Shanghai and would like to climb up to the observation deck. When will the pearl tower close? Will there be a long queue waiting to get up at night? Thanks.

Name:Re: Climb up the Oriental Pearl TV Tower

Up to the Oriental Pearl TV Tower is a good way to enjoy Shanghai’s night view. As far as we know that the pearl tower will be closed at 9:30pm. There won’t be a long line outside waiting if you are not going there during the busy season.