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Huaihai Road, a well-known shopping area featuring elegance and romantic, is hailed as Avenue des Champs Elysees in Paris, the Fiftth Avenue in New York and Wujie Road in Singapore. Huaihai Road, with the original name as Xiafei Road, is located in the center of city. The architectures in different styles here bring your wonderful sense of beauty when you rambling along the street. The elegant street has a long history and it is not only a most fashion paradise for young people, but also a nostalgic place for those who seek their memory of past stories.

Built in 1901, the six-kilometer-long Huai Hai Road formerly named Avenue Joffre, commemorates the Huai Hai Battle during Liberation. Today, this road has become synonymous with what is trendy and fashionable in Shanghai. Here you can find the top-end designer brands from all over the world and the well-known old shops. Many nearby attractions add to its appeal, including the proximity of Doctor Sun Yat-sen Former Residence and Memorial Hall.
While the stretch between Shan Xi Road and Xi Zang Road is the busiest section (and best for people-watching). An increasing number of stores here are attracting visitors at home and abroad, including large shopping cities like PCD Stores, Maison Mode and Parkson, Shanghai Women's Store, gourmet restaurants ranging from Chinese traditional snacks to Europen and American food, old-age and charming cinemas like Guotai Cinema. Different grades of the purchase, hotel group, food, transportation, travel and entertainment facilities, let you feel comfortable, fascinating and convenient.
Location: in the center of Shanghai City. Open time: 24 hours

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