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In Qingdao, there are a total of nine beaches. The best beach to visit is No. 6 Beach. This beach is the longest out of all the beaches and has beautiful yellow sand. There are also several things to do on the beach, such as visit Luxun Park, or eat at a nearby restaurant. However, this beach is also the most popular one, thus very inconvenient to sunbathe or have much room to spread out. No. 2, also known as Taipingwan Beach, and No.3 beaches are a lot smaller than the others; however, they are less crowded but more convenient to swimming and sunbathe. On the eastern end of No.3 beach is a

former German governor's residence, Huashi Lou, built in 1905. No.1 Beach is very popular to visit, yet it is not the best beach to go to because there are several rocks there and the sand is not the most beautiful. No. 1 Beach used to be the largest beach in Asia, with the beach stretching 580 meters long and more or less fourty meters wide. This beach has been enlarged by the government in 1980's. The construction lasted for over a hundred days. After the reconstruction, the No. 1 beach has been a top resorts for visitors among domestic and foreign toursits. The beaches in Qingdao have been listed as

one of the nineth crowded places in the world. In the morning, there are lots of people practicing Tai Chi and many fishermen fishing. The walkway runs into Huilan Pavilion, which is the logo for Qingdao beer. From here you can also take a ferry boat and then a bus to visit Jinsha Haitan beach in Huangdao. This is a very nice place to visit in order to get away from Qingdao city for a day and relax.
Some guide information for Qingdao Beaches               Location: Qingdao coast                Tickets: RMB2/Person for entrence         Opening hours: 05:30-18:00         Contact number: +86 10 8596 8802

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