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Small Qingdao Island Guide

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Small Qingdao Island lies to the southeast of Zhanqqiao Bridge in Qingdao Bay. The island is only 24,000 square meters in size and seventeen meters above sea level. Viewed from the sky, the island is shaped like an ancient lute, and hence is also called Lute Island. The Small Qingdao is indeed a small lovely tourist attraction with a little park, a few cages and a white lighthouse built by Germans in 1900 because Qingdao used to be the German concession. The white lighthouse is constructed in a shape of octagon and from white marble, which was put in use in 1915 and had been through many

reenforcement since 1949. The lighthouse is considered as a top-ten attraction in Qingdao by the citizens there. The island is home to Huilangge Pavilion and also the Naval Museum's destroyer and submarine. The island is famous for its unspoiled natural scenery of steep rocky outcrops and a variety of plants, such as black pines,green peaches, pomegranates, roses, hibiscus and oriental cherries. The Yellow Island nearby is also a great place for a visit if the weather is good. You can either stroll along the coast for the tender ocean breeze and extrodinary scenery, or sit of the beach to

enjoy the ocean breathing and the waves tiding in and ebbing away. There are also statues and pavilions that can be viewed at various locations. This all makes the Small Qingdao a delightful island to visit. If you want to travel to the Small Qingdao Island, you can take the bus to Luxun Park bus stop where you will find the entrance to the island not far. Some guide information of the Small Qingdao
Location: No.2 Qinyu Street, South District, Qingdao         Opening hours: 07:30-18:00         Contact number: +86 532 82863944          Tickets: CNY 15/Person

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