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Laoshan, also Mount Lao, is the most famous Taoist Mountain in China and the only one that is on the coast. It lies nearly thirty kilometers to the east of downtoun Qingdao. The Laoshan Mountain is the main mountain range in Shandong Penisula with the submit 1133 meters above sea level hence the fame of 'First Peak on the sea'. Laoshan has been acting as a very important role in Taoism for centuries, therefore it is a famous tourist attraction not only for Taoists but also for other tourists. Laoshan has a coastline of 87.3 kilometers with 13 bays and 18 islets. At one point, there were nine

palaces, eight Taoist temples and 72 nunneries that were home to over 1,000 priests and nuns that lived on the mountain. The largest and oldest palace on the mountain is called Taiqing Palace which was built in the Northern Song Dynasty and is over 1,000 years old. There are many other places of interest that are worth seeing on the mountain. Several springs are worth viewing, such as Shenshui Spring, Tianyi Spring among several others. There are also stone carvings on the cliff and also several trees shaped like dragons and other figures. The Western Memorial Temple for Guan Yu and

Yue Fei located in Sanqing Palace is also a great place to travel. This is the former residence of Pu Songling, one of the most famous novelists of the Qing Dynasty. While hiking along the mountain's paths, you will also be able to look out at the ocean and see the beautiful view. The numerous sceinc sites around Laoshan are all worth traveling. Some guide information of Laoshan Mountain.
Location: Laoshan Mountain scenic resort, Qingdao         Contact number: +86 532 88899000         Opening hours: 08:00-17:00         Tickets: RMB70/Person

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