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Puji Temple was Built in 1080 AD during the reign of Emperor Yuanfeng in the Song Dynasty, Puji Temple holds the title of the one of the three biggest temples on Mt. Putuo. The main feature of the temple is the Hall of Yuantong, which houses the sacred status of Avalokitesvara. Since Emperor Ningzong's appointment of Mt. Putuo as a place for Buddhist rites and worship, the temple has drawn many prayers, who migrate every year to pay respects to Avalokitesvara. Puji Temple has an astounding 32 reincarnations of Avalokitesvara, as well as 200 halls, pavilions and rooms.

Today, Puji Temple occupies about 20,000 square meters (about 4 acres), and is conveniently located on the island and has a scenic backdrop and beautiful surroundings. The temple is often considered the center of the Buddhism and tourism on Mount Putuo. Puji Temple is also one of the royal temples, designated thus by the ancient emperors, as such, it is covered by golden glazed roofs. The main hall of the temple is called "Large Yuantong" hall which is said to be able to hold thousands of people without feeling crowded, yet, does not look empty without a person in it. The Guanyin statue worshipped in the hall is 8.8 meters tall and there are also 32 smaller statues showing variations of Guanyin located along the sides. These variations portrait that the Guanyin Buddha cares for all creatures on earth.

The Hall of Yuantong is the main building in Puji Temple, and also the most important hall for the whole Mt. Putuo, in which there is the statue of Avalokitesvara. Emperor Ningzong of the Song Dynasty appointed Mt. Putuo to be the place for performing Buddhist rites and worshiping Bodihisattva Guanyin. There are altogether over 200 halls, pavilions and rooms including Hall of Heavenly King, Hall of Yuantong, Building of Buddhist Scriptures, Hall of Abbot, etc. The existent main halls were built in the 9th year (1731 AD) during Emperor Yongzheng's reign in the Qing Dynasty.
Here are some guide information about Puji Temple. The detail is following:
Address: Putuo Mountain, Zhoushan,Zhejiang
Admission Fee: 5RMB for p.p
Opening hours: 07:00 a.m-17:30 p.m
Contact Hotline: 86 580 6690481

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