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Welcome to read the Putuoshan Travel Guide. Putuoshan, regarded as the lowest of China's sacred mountains, is located on an island of only five kilometers away from Zhoushan Island. It is an island at the east part of Zhoushan Archipelago consisting of more than 1000 islands. "Putuoshan" literally means the "beautiful white flower" is a 291 meters mountain above sea level and can reach by a 1060 step staircase. The island covers an area of only 12.5 square kilometers and features tranquil valleys, cliffs, caves and beaches.

Putuoshan has been considered to be a holy place of Buddhist worship for a long time. It is one of the four Buddhist Mountains of China. Others are Wutaishan, E'meishan and Jiuhuashan. Every year, reverent followers take a travel to the island to pay respects to Guanyin, Goddess of Mercy. As a result, the island is littered with temples and shrines. Its circumference is only 33 km, but, there are 3000 to 4000 inhabitants of who about 1000 are monks and nuns. The largest buildings are four storeys tall. Most are two storeys and old architecture.

The island is known for its rugged terrain and exquisite landscape, featuring an array of temples, pagodas, arched bridges, narrow alleys, fishing boats, and artisans' shops. It is also the most famous place to enjoy the sea food: shrimps, fishes, crabs, oysters and so on. The sandy shores of the island are also special features and particularly attractive to travelers. There are many wonderful scenic sites on the island, including temples, nunneries, beaches, exotic rocks, etc. Read more guide to Putuoshan attractions below. Welcome to check out our other pages for more travel information about Putuoshan. We would like to help you with your travel plan, by providing professional advice, useful itinerary and excellent travel service.

Putuoshan Attractions Guide

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  • Huiji TempleAccording to Travel Guide to Putuoshan, Huiji Temple is situated on the peak of Foding Hill, from the temple you can command an excellent view of the rising sun in the morning. Huiji Temple, as the third largest temple on the moun ... ...
  • Fayu TempleFayu Temple is the second largest temple on the island (Puji Temple is the largest), According to Travel Guide of Putuoshan, Fuyu is located on the left top of the Baihua hill, close to 1000-pace Beach. Guests can take the cablewa ... ...
  • Puji TemplePuji Temple was Built in 1080 AD during the reign of Emperor Yuanfeng in the Song Dynasty, Puji Temple holds the title of the one of the three biggest temples on Mt. Putuo. The main feature of the temple is the Hall of Yuantong, w ... ...
  • Putuo island Renowned as "A Buddhist Country of Sea and Heaven," Mt. Putuoshan lies to the east of Zhoushan City. On the Potuo Island, there is the famous Mt. Puto, which attracts guests to visit. Mt. Putuo's presence as a place for Buddhist w ... ...

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Hello, I’m from India, and have been sent to Zhou Shan city to work for 2 months now, want to travel to Putuoshan Island next weekend. What kind of travel services do you provide? Any good travel recommendations?

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Thanks for your inquiry. It’s our honor to offer you travel services. There a lot things to do around this culture-rich place including visiting temples, parks, beaches and of course taste the fresh seafood. Putuoshan is a great place to travel and experience a different Asian culture.The travel services provide are including hotel booking, travel guide, car transer and others you might need.